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Sports Action Photography

Sports action photography is what made me initially pick up a camera and it continues to be my favorite genre to shoot.  I love the challenge of capturing the unexpected and showcasing an athlete's talent and passion.


I travel to many of the local & regional sporting events during the school year that are played in Texas & Arkansas. I typically post these pics to online galleries by event location and date. If there is a particular event that you would like me to shoot, just send me an email at and I will make every attempt to be there.


Pricing for action shots is based on the size of the image and what kind of paper you choose to have your photo printed on by Miller's Professional Imaging lab.  Sizes of images range from 5"x7" to 16" x 20". The types of paper that you can choose from are matte, glossy (lustre), color, black & white, or metallic.

Digital Images

Digital images are available for purchase and immediate download. The images are priced based on size and image resolution. The larger the image and higher the resolution, the more expensive the image. Each digital image is licensed based on your intended use.  These options and explanations are available when you select and add an image to your shopping cart.


Every digital image on my website displays with a centered watermark. The watermark is NOT on the final digital or printed product.

Payment & Shipping

Payment for images is processed by my hosting service, Zenfolio Inc.  The service offers payment by all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.  Zenfolio Inc. also takes care of the processing of your order and submission to Miller's Professional Imaging for printing and shipment.  Order information and tracking is available through your account after your order has been processed.


There are four levels of print packages available: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with the price starting as low as $35.  Each one has several different sizes and number of images available. You can choose what pictures you want to add to your package - it's as easy as drag and drop!

Other Information

Just a quick note on location photography. Just because I was at a game that your athlete played in does NOT mean I will have photos of them! I try hard to capture individual shots of each player but sometimes your athlete may have only played for 2 minutes and I may have gone to the concession stand for a bottle of water. PLEASE let me know in advance your player's name, team and jersey number and I will actively work to capture images for you. :)  Just shoot me an email at


Images created during your photo session are an expression of my artistic work.  All images are copyrighted and become a part of the Lisa Zach Images Collection. All rights are reserved. Reproductions are not allowed.